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Location: Treviso, Italy

Date: 10th February 2012

Description: 1st MAST Seminar

-10th February: The purpose of the seminar was to assist the pilot teams in Renewing Health in their analysis of datafrom the pilots and to make sure that analysis and reporting of results from the pilots are similarand comparable. At the seminar experts within the different domains gave practical advice on analysis andreporting of the results based on guidelines for reporting of scientific studies. The participantstook part in practical exercises in use of the guidelines during the seminar.
A guide on analysis and reporting of results was also distributed at the seminar. This guidedescribes the tables and data analyses that each pilot team must produce.


Time Title Speaker Video
9.00 Introduction to MAST Kristian Kidholm
9.15 Domain 1: Health problem and the application Anna Kotzeva
9.45 Domain 2 + 3: Safety and clinical effectiveness Panagiotis Stafylas
10.30 Break    
10.45 Domain 4: Patient perspectives Vassilis Aletras
11.15 Domain 5: Economic aspects Kristian Kidholm
12.00 Lunch    
12.45 Domain 6: Organisational aspects Anne Kirstine Dyrvig
13.15 Domain 7: Legal aspects Petra Wilson
13.40 Domain 7: Qualitative assessment of ethical and societal issues Alison Bowes
14.10 Transferability assessment Anne Kirstine Dyrvig
14.40 Discussion    
15.00 Meeting ends