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Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: 8th 11th October

Description: Through the Renewing Health project, nine European Regions – supported by their national governments – have joined forces to produce evidence and decision support for EU health policies regarding the future deployment of innovative per-sonal health services to patients affected by these conditions. They have implementing 21 large-scale trials with a patient centred approach and using a common rigorous assessment model. After the successful recruitment and follow-up of about 7000 patients, this workshop is organised to present and debate first outcomes with interested European Stakeholders.
The programme is under development and will be made available at www.opendays.eu


Program and presentations

"Spoken presentation", i.e. a video combining slides with a speaker audio track

Open Days 2013 Workshop Programme




Session Slides


Claus Duedal Pedersen - RH Mission and Partnership

Panos Stafylas - Building Evidence and Assessing Impact

Tuula Karhula - Health Coaching Diabetes

Anne Sorknaes - Telennursing for COPD

Claudio Saccavini - Telemonitoring for CHF

RH Open Days 2013 Proceedings




Telennursing for COPD - Film on Patient Briefcase at Odense