Number of patients involved: 266

The Region of Southern Denmark is conducting a telemedicine study allowing COPD patients to receive, via the Patient Briefcase, live video consultations with a hospital nurse without leaving the comfort of their living room.

When the hospital reaches the living room

The following figure illustrates the set-up of telemedicine consultations for patients that have been admitted to hospital due to exacerbation:

At discharge, the patients are provided with a Patient Briefcase, which is installed within 24 hours. The briefcase includes a display for video-communication with the hospital nurses during the consultations. In addition, it contains the equipment for the measurement of pulse, blood oxygen saturation and spirometry. The briefcase is user-friendly, with only three controls (on/off, volume, alarm). Daily scheduled tele-consultations are held with a specialised nurse for one week. After one week, the briefcase is removed and patients continue to have permanent access to a telephone hotline for four weeks after discharge.

Trial set-up

The trial involves a total of 266 patients in a 1:1 randomised controlled trial. After their admission to hospital due to exacerbation, the patient receives daily consultations with a specialised nurse for a short-term period (1 week). The follow-up period is 6 months.

Expected outcomes

The trial will investigate the effects of telemedicine nursing consultations compared with conventional treatment for patients with COPD, with a primary focus on:

  • Readmission
  • Mortality
  • User satisfaction


Other cluster of Region of Southern Dennmark: Cluster 3