The evaluation of the large scale pilots conducted by the 9 regions participating in RENEWING HeALTH will be completed employing MAST, Model for Assessment of Telemedicine. The evaluation is aiming to produce a methodical and multidisciplinary evaluation of the impact of the personal health systems (PHS) and integrated telemedicine services included in the RENEWING HeALTH pilots.

MAST is a framework ensuring a rigorous evaluation of telemedicine applications in the healthcare sector. The model was developed as part of the MethoTelemed project, which aimed to provide a structured framework for assessing the effectiveness and contribution to quality of care of telemedicine applications. Accordingly, the evaluation of the project includes the following elements:

  • A scientific trial protocol for each cluster of projects that includes, among others, a detailed description of objectives, design, methodology, outcomes, and statistics.
  • The selection/elaboration of questionnaires for collecting the opinion of the different categories of stakeholders and/or for measuring impacts which cannot be measured through the automatic analysis of collected data or relevant databases.
  • Training of local project teams in the use of the MAST model
  • A multicentre web-based clinical database for data collection and analysis.
  • Evaluation of outcomes based on the MAST model and its possible editions, taking into account the primary outcomes agreed for each of the clusters and secondary ones agreed for individual pilots.

The expected result of the MAST evaluation is:

  • a validation of piloted PHS and telemedicine services using the MAST model
  • a validation of the MAST model itself through real life pilots

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